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Policies and Campground Rules

The below policies, requirements and terms of service are agreed upon by all guests, and those in their party, by registering to stay at the Monte Verde RV Park and Campground.

Please review the park's policies prior to booking a stay with us, and feel free to call and discuss these policies in further detail. Additionally, many of these details herein will be emailed and or text to you upon booking a stay at the park.

Park Policies and Requirements –

By registering as a guest at the Monte Verde RV Park and Campground, you, the guest and all those in your party, agree that you have read, understand and will comply with all campground rules, policies and regulations as contained within this brochure, posted on the park’s website, distributed to you via email, text message and/or as posted throughout the park, regardless of the order in which the distribution took place.

Release and Waiver of Liability:

CAMP AT YOUR OWN RISK! To the extent permitted by New Mexico law, registered guests accept camping privileges with the understanding that the guest and all members of their party do hereby waive, release and agree to hold harmless Costa Enterprises, Inc dba Monte Verde RV Park and Campground (the park), it’s officers, representatives and employees from all and any liability for loss, damage, or injury to property or the person arising out of the use of the park’s facilities. This includes property damage and personal injuries inflicted by or towards other guests at the park. This waiver, release and hold harmless agreement is intended to be as broad as permitted under New Mexico law and apply to all uses of the park, including portions of the individual sites, rentals and all common areas. All facilities are used at your own risk. Our equipment, apparatuses and facilities are provided and operated solely for the convenience of our registered guests. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone as we see fit. USAGE of the Monte Verde RV Park and Campground, it’s facilities and amenities are reserved for registered guests only. All payments are due up front, prior to parking your RV.

Electrical Usage:

From May 1st to November 1st, annually, electricity is included in all RV site rates. From November 1st to May 1st, annually, electricity is included in nightly and weekly RV rates; however, monthly rates DO NOT include electricity. Electricity will be metered during winter months at the most current rate as charged by the local cooperative. Payment for winter electrical usage is due the day of the following month’s start date or date of departure. For monthly winter stays, the electrical outlet/pedestal assigned will be used accordingly. Failure to use the assigned pedestal or outlet, and or if caught using an unmetered outlet for electrical will result in a $150 fee. If there is an issue with the assigned metered outlet or pedestal, it is the guests responsibility to notify park staff.

Sewer and Dump Station:

RVers registered with the park are permitted to use sewer hook-ups located at the site(s) and/or use of the camp’s dump station as part of the registration fees. When not dumping, we respectfully ask that A) sewer hoses are securely fastened to the dump drain or B) dump drain caps are securely fastened. Leaking sewer hoses or gaskets must be repaired immediately. A clean up fee of $100 per occurrence will be charged to guests who spill sewage in the park.

Water Hydrants:

RVers registered with the park are permitted to use water hydrants located at their site. Leaking water connections are not allowed and will result in a $25 per occurrence fee. During summer months, water can be hooked continuously to your RV. During winter months only YEAR AROUND WATER SITES (sites with heated water boxes) can be connected continuously. Failure to disconnect from water hydrants that results in freezing will result in a $250 fee charged to the credit card on file. See the Camp Host for additional details pertaining to winter water procedures. Sites with year around water capabilities cost more during winter months (Nov 1 – May 1).

Video Surveillance:

Security cameras are used on premise in several locations, including but not limited to the exterior of the bathhouse, interior of the laundry room, office, the park’s maintenance area, dog park and other common areas.

Refunds and Credits:

The park has a no refund policy. This includes deposits and payment guests make over the deposit requirement. Credit may be offered at the discretion of the Camp Host. Reservations may be amended up to the time of check in. Once a guest has been checked in and payment collected in full, no refund will be offered.

Rates and Guests:

Six guests per site are included in the park’s rates. A charge of $5 per night per additional guest, up to a total of 8 guest maximum, will be charged for groups larger than 6.

Site Numbers:

The park doesn’t guarantee site numbers, only site types. We will always keep buddy sites together if book accordingly. We will try to keep non-buddy sites together when in a group of 2 or more.

Credit Card and Personal Information:

Registered guest agree that all personal information collected as part of registering, including credit card information used to make payment or purchases of other goods and services such as propane, laundry, showers, etc., will be stored in our reservation system, managed by a third party, for the purpose of managing your reservation and payment transactions now or in the future as applicable.

Balance Due Upon Arrival/Departure:

During self, in-person or over the phone check-in, the balance owed on your reservation must be paid in full. Any balance not paid upon check-in, prior to parking your RV, will be processed by management, without seeking prior approval, to the card on file. Additionally, upon departure, any amount invoiced for services accrued during the guests stay including propane, firewood, laundry, electricity, etc.. will be charged to the guest’s card on file with or without consent.

Monthly Policy:

A monthly stay is the day of arrival to the same day the next month. Monthly invoices, which will include but are not limited to monthly RV site dues and any goods or services accrued during the previous month (propane, laundry, fire wood, electric, etc.) will be sent out on the 30th day of your stay and the card on file will be charged on the 1st day of your next month’s stay. Failure to pay on the 1st day of the next month of service will result in a $50 late fee, at the discretion of the Camp Host. After the 3rd day on non-payment the park, its employees and representatives reserve the right to have guest’s removed from the premises by the local authorities, and have the guest’s RV, vehicles and other personal property removed by a 3rd party facility at the guests expense.

Early Departures and Prorating:

Due to the greatly reduced monthly rate, early departures do not qualify for a refund after check-in. Guests wishing to extend their stay after their 1st month will be charged either A) The full monthly rate the guest paid upon arrival when additional days are greater than 15 but less than 30, or B) a prorated rate of 1/30 the full monthly rate the guest paid upon arrival per each additional night greater than 1 but less than 15. Guests with multi month reservations that are amended after check-in will be charged a fee of 25% of the total of the cancellation.

Tents and Tent Camping:

Guests can book an RV site and set up a tent in the RV pad or with prior approval, in the grass near the designated RV site. RV guests who wish to set up a tent at their site must obtain prior approval from park staff.


Trash must be stowed in your RV or vehicle, never outside. The trash bins have bear proof clips. Please secure them after us. The Park DOES NOT offer on- site trash pick-up.


Angel Fire is windy. Do not leave your awnings out while away from your RV.


Any guest(s) observed or caught destroying park or other guest’s property will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of New Mexico law.

Golden Rule:

In order to ensure you and all our guests have a good time, we ask that you treat your fellow guests and our staff with dignity and respect. Please refrain from aggressive or derogatory comments and seek out park staff or management if you have issues with another park guest(s).

Self Check-In Instructions

Registered Guests, check your text messages for detailed instructions including assigned site number, passwords and access codes. In the 24 hour office, use the kiosk to finalize payment and take a check-in packet. Proceed to your site. Text or call 575-377-3404 if you need additional assistance.

Non Registered guest, check the availability board in the 24 hour office. If sites are available, use the kiosk to make a reservation. Text 575-377-3404 to get passwords and access codes. All guest must be registered to stay at the park prior to parking their RV.

Check-in: is anytime after 1 pm.

Checkout: 11 am promptly.

Late checkouts can be requested, but are not guaranteed. A fee of $20 will be charged to your card on file for approved late checkouts.

Quiet time: is from 10 PM to 9 AM daily. Please be courteous of your neighbors and adhere to these rules.

Laundry: The laundry room is available to registered guests only. The cost is $3/load (1 wash and 1 dry) Payment is on the honor system. Cash can be left in the drop box in the laundry room or laundry can be charged to the card on file by texting 575-377-3404.

Parking: Please Do Not Park On The Grass! Registration is for 2 vehicles. Guest with more than 2 vehicles will be charged a fee of $5 per night. Sites 1-20: Park at front of the RV. Guests may have 2 vehicles parked at the site if it doesn’t hinder incoming and outgoing RV’s.

Sites 21-38 (pull thru sites): Please park at the rear of your RV. Sites 39 – 45: Park at the front of your RV. ALL SITES: Tow trailers, boats, ATV’s and other off-road vehicles may be parked at your site if it doesn’t block incoming and outgoing RV’s. Otherwise, 3rd and supplemental

vehicles shall be parked in one of the overflow parking areas.

Wildlife: Bears, coyotes, elk, deer, ravens, hawks, rodents and other wildlife frequent the park from time to time. Please take safety precautions including stowing all food and trash in your RV or vehicle when unattended. For your safety DO NOT approach or feed wildlife!

Campfires: See the fire board at the office for the the most updated fire allowance. Firewood is available for purchase (seasonally) from the Camp Host. Please do not trim or gather wood from any of the trees in the park. Is your site has a portable fire pit, upon departure, turn the pit over and secure with a rock or piece of wood to prevent blowing away. Ashes and embers can be placed in the metal trash can, but NEVER in the general trash bin.

Bathhouse: The bathhouse is for registered guests only. Showers cost $.75 cents (3 quarters) will start the showers for 8 minutes. Every additional quarter provides an additional 2 minutes.

Pet Policy: Pets must be leashed and accompanied at all times. Pets may not be tied, penned or tethered alone outside RV’s or in the common areas. CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR PETS IMMEDIATELY! Pets are only allowed off leash in the dog park as long as they are not being aggressive, vicious or disruptive to other guests. While in the dog park, all posted rules must be adhered to. Misbehaved, loud barking dogs, as well as failure to follow the park rules regarding dogs and other pets, may result in guest removal from the premises despite registration status. Park staff forced to pick up after your pet will result in a $25 fine per occurrence charged to the card on file.

Mail and Delivery: UPS, FedEx and 3rd party carriers will deliver parcels to the park office. To have packages delivered to the park, used the park. Use the physical address listed on the front of this brochure. Guests are responsible to track and pick up their parcels. USPS mail (US Postal Service) does NOT deliver to the park. For long term guests, park management will provided a document allowing you obtain a temporary PO Box. Additionally, guests can have mail delivered general delivery using the following address:

Guest Name

℅ General Delivery

3469 NM-434 STE B8

Angel Fire NM, 87710

The Monte Verde RV Park is not responsible for mail delivered to the park’s PO Box. The Camp Host will check the park’s PO Box

at their convenience and deliver to guests accordingly.

Snow Removal : Park staff will plow snow from the main roads, plus from the office, laundry, bathhouse and other amenity areas and walkways. Guests are responsible for and SHALL shovel their site walkable areas and parking area to prevent damage to the parks grass and parking pads. Snow should be shoveled to the main road and the non walkable areas of the grass.

Groundskeeping: To prevent damage to guest’s personal belongings, park personnel will move any items around or in your RV site as deemed necessary while maintaining the grounds. Large or affixed items, including grills, lights, furniture, rugs, etc. will not be moved.

Park personnel are not responsible for damage to items that cannot be removed during groundskeeping.

RV & Vehicle Washing, Bike Washing Station: Use of water at your site to lightly rinse vehicles, ATV’s, off road vehicles boats, motorcycles and RV’s carries a $25 per occurrence charge. This Includes washing RV Windows and nose caps, rinsing mud from off road vehicles, rinsing down boats, truck tires, etc. Deep washing of RV’s and vehicles of any kind is prohibited. Please notify park staff if you plan on rinsing your RV or other vehicles. If park staff observes a guest rinsing their RV or other vehicles at their site, the $25 charge will be applied to your account and charged to the card on file immediately. Mountain bikes can be rinsed and cleaned at the Bike Wash Station at the front of park near the bathhouse free of charge.

Vulnerable Child and Disruptive Behavior Policy: A vulnerable child is a child of any age who is deemed by park staff to be at risk. If a vulnerable child comes to our staff’s attention, a goodwill attempt to involve the parent or guardian will be made; however, the park reserves the right to involve law enforcement should any child be deemed to be in danger. Additionally, any guest being disruptive, boisterous, aggressive or violent for any reason will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the park and the involvement from local law enforcement should park staff deem necessary.

Management of the Monte Verde RV Park and Campground retains the right to modify these rules as necessary and without notice. By registering as a guest of the Monte Verde RV Park and Campground you agree to adhere to these policies. Failure to do so may result in removal from the property. If you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding these policies please see the Camp Host. We thank you for your cooperation, your patronage and hope you enjoy your stay!

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